Love, Poetry

Part Of


She loved


of all seasons

dewy, mildly prickly

with the rustling of

red green yellow ones

soothing her mind

like how the breeze does to her skin;

She loved


no matter what shape and sizes

they come in

their pillar of brown just gives her

as much majestic feeling as it does

with serenity

two things which she never imagined

could coexist;

She loved

the sea

of how crushing waves and gentle tides

seem to hum a song

that never fails

to stir her feelings

of how the smell of the seas seemingly

gives her a breath of new beginnings;

Nature was in her

She was part of her;

and somehow

she loved


as if he was part of all

the trees, leaves and seas

that she was so

passionately intrigued with;

She loved him

as if

he was a part of nature

that was bestowed on her.

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash