Love, Poetry


Fluttering beats

flowy sleeves

fiddling fingertips

of two once free spirits

laced thorough in

silk white

accompanied with

his dashing black suit;

then a lifetime accedes

sewn in a heartbeat

borne in a promise

flourished through

their interlacing.

Love, Poetry

Her Ring

Wrapped around her svelte finger

the fourth finger to be exact

his fingertips still prancing

between her knuckles

and the silver shined circlet

I love it

she whispered with reassurance;

She really did

it hugged her finger so nicely

silvery with a coral pink gem

perched on it

the intricacies of the pink rock

resonated with her the most

manifesting how beautifully complex

relationships can be

how bliss and weariness

can exist on the same page

how love can be

entangled with almost every

binary of emotions that exist out there

and nevertheless still be as stunning;

Caressing her fingers

gaze set on the silver painted

cotton band with

a nib of pink stone

he murmured

I’ll get you one

with a diamond stone

on platinum one day

I promise;

Embracing him whilst

his fingers still on hers

she affirmed

Even then

will I still have

this ring on

I promise.