Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


Summer rises

along with her trails of stone path

red bricks lined antique cities

fine fresh faces of a roaring crowd;

First times conquered

unfamiliar territories entered

never known colours of ember

struck up amongst her blazing fervour;

Yet when the chill sets in

the howling crowd

turns into the screams of winds

the breadth of burn within her dimmed

she realized no warmth nor heat

burns as bold and heatedly

as the one the hearth gives-

of where home is.

Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


Of the days

she mused and introspected

most of them were mulled over

the same old dilemma-

To walk the familiar path

or strenuously try hiking up mountains

seemingly impossible to the task;

Either was appealing

in their own form

the classic commonplace trees and

pasture green painted with

scattered lilacs, daisies

sunflowers and chirping birds

living her days with the notion

that great things

come from little things;

Or should she have a go

at the treacherous alpine rocks

that vow upon a spectacular outlook

and abundant cache

few have ever gotten a glimpse

or managed to seize;

She could then

offer a helping hand

to those laying so far beneath the pit

or anyone that’s not at the peak

with her newfound privilege

living her life with the act that

great things come from giving;

She pondered endlessly

never ever certain

if she was made for

living the scenic simplicities

or the great intricacies.

Others, Poetry


Lights flashing

spotlights hovering beneath marbled ceilings

stale Swarovski chandeliers complementing

those satin robes ladies were dressed in

hand in hand with men in tuxedos and

diamond crusted cufflinks;

The crowd was a picturesque

painted in strokes of wealth, popularity

an epitome of glamour

and the esteemed;

When he finally came through

the 15-foot tall mahogany doorway

soft applauses echoed throughout the grand lobby

all eyes laid on him

the one most popular

and wealthy standing;

His eyes sharpened

jaw eased, broad smile across

wine glass high up above his chin

hailing each and every one’s

trivial accomplishment in coin and fame;

Yet beneath this glittered coating

laid a rotting dull pith

benumbed to solitude and masquerade

for the ages spent in pursuit

of mere fame and money;

As he edged closer to wealth

and acclaim

he fell back from

friends and family;

Yet tragically those in awe can never

see past the tinsel crust

of those lacquered over

by popularity

or money.

For Daily Prompt: Popular


Those who stayed

People come and go

Relationships blossom then burn;

How many

sorry must I hear

abrupt endings must I experience

before those who come abide

and blossom into treasures;

Maybe those who left

were never once

flowers laying in the garden of mine

but rustling leaves passing by;

Flowers may wither

but they never die

for they leave a dozen more

of them growing behind;

Like those who wish to stay

will always find a way

back to your place

even with the gusts so strong and

heat so overbearing;

they will always

choose to stay.



Poetry, Positivity / Motivational

Twenty first

Her day

was today

of candles, cakes

warm gestures

well wishes and

everything she could ask for

from a day like today;

Of all is just the start

unto a wider, brighter

more beautiful, branched

hurdled path

that awaits her

bold embarkment;

Starting from this day;

may she grow



and kinder

with every cobblestone

she lay foot on;

And never will she forget

to find strength in adversity

find love under her own skin

and to always make giving

her priority;

This is her day;

her garden of lilies

and daffodils

all finally effloresced.


Love, Poetry


Of the many who left

and the few that stayed

taught me one primal lesson

that I will forever embrace;

That beauty is in the mind

and home is where the heart lies;

To fall in love with ideas

sentiments, dispositions

emotions, consciousness

unconsciousness and

anything intangible

that the mind intrinsically weaves;

go beyond the periphery

to love the beauty within;

And seek refuge in

warm heartbeats

that pulsate along with mine

but never

in chilly hard

empty shells

with no signs of vitality;

Fall in love with the

tangible intangibles

and take abode in the

intangible tangibles;

for touch and beauty

can only satisfy

the sensuality of the skin

but never

the lust of one’s heartstrings.