Poetry, Positivity / Motivational

Twenty first

Her day

was today

of candles, cakes

warm gestures

well wishes and

everything she could ask for

from a day like today;

Of all is just the start

unto a wider, brighter

more beautiful, branched

hurdled path

that awaits her

bold embarkment;

Starting from this day;

may she grow



and kinder

with every cobblestone

she lay foot on;

And never will she forget

to find strength in adversity

find love under her own skin

and to always make giving

her priority;

This is her day;

her garden of lilies

and daffodils

all finally effloresced.



A bed of flowers 

The road of life

is like a bed

of assorted flowers;

Sometimes it can get

as painful as thorny roses

or as sweet smelling

as dandelions;

Yet every flower

has its own exquisiteness

and on every path

there will always

be something

for you to admire

no matter how prickly

are the flowers.