Love, Poetry


What did your pair of brown round eyes caught

when they lay upon mine;

was it

that cushy familiar sense

that sooth your soul

the subtle tinglings

along your skin

or the eager palpitating of your heartbeat

alongside the bellowing anguish

from our welded hearts

for an aperture stood amid we;

or was it none

perchance you saw a mere past

you have left behind;

I can only wonder

through my grievous days and nights

of what you saw

in me that night.

Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


Summer rises

along with her trails of stone path

red bricks lined antique cities

fine fresh faces of a roaring crowd;

First times conquered

unfamiliar territories entered

never known colours of ember

struck up amongst her blazing fervour;

Yet when the chill sets in

the howling crowd

turns into the screams of winds

the breadth of burn within her dimmed

she realized no warmth nor heat

burns as bold and heatedly

as the one the hearth gives-

of where home is.

Love, Poetry

Without a doubt

There it stood

a mountain higher than clouds

a valley deeper than any abyss

a rift larger than all nature’s doing

all they stood

impeding us from touch

withal our hearts already weld;

they said I will never reach you

in this lifetime of mine;

so I promised

I’ll find you again

in my after;

Even without your

violet eyes

or your familiar touch

my heart will

always recognize yours

without a doubt.