Love, Poetry


Fluttering beats

flowy sleeves

fiddling fingertips

of two once free spirits

laced thorough in

silk white

accompanied with

his dashing black suit;

then a lifetime accedes

sewn in a heartbeat

borne in a promise

flourished through

their interlacing.

Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


When one fades to aught

no accolades


nor power


no physicality subsist

for no breath exists within they;

naught stays

other than

the hovering light

one had previously left within

those momentarily extant

the ones with breaths still prominent.

Poetry, Positivity / Motivational

Stamp of Approval

The ocean pulses along

oblivious to what the

lofty swaying trees are whispering;

The cool breeze wafts past

any person or object it wants to

without a care for their objection;

The 4 seasons come and go

at specific months and weeks

or at times a week or two offbeat

unbothered by the people’s grumblings;

He decides to buy a shirt

yet hesitates

wondering if

this is the trend of the year

or a few years dated

asking questions about others’ judgements;

Oh and how

the elements of Mother Nature

would mock at our ignorance

of all the time we had

we’d spent it waiting

for the stamp of approval

from insignificant others

while forgetting to ask

the only one that truly matters.

Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


Of the days

she mused and introspected

most of them were mulled over

the same old dilemma-

To walk the familiar path

or strenuously try hiking up mountains

seemingly impossible to the task;

Either was appealing

in their own form

the classic commonplace trees and

pasture green painted with

scattered lilacs, daisies

sunflowers and chirping birds

living her days with the notion

that great things

come from little things;

Or should she have a go

at the treacherous alpine rocks

that vow upon a spectacular outlook

and abundant cache

few have ever gotten a glimpse

or managed to seize;

She could then

offer a helping hand

to those laying so far beneath the pit

or anyone that’s not at the peak

with her newfound privilege

living her life with the act that

great things come from giving;

She pondered endlessly

never ever certain

if she was made for

living the scenic simplicities

or the great intricacies.

Love, Poetry


He stops short



between the words he should speak

for a severe dilemma

stood in mid

of his heart and logic;

If baring his whole

would make him

either foolish or naive

for they once said

to be cold

to play hard

to pursue love

with the modern day

rules of lust;

Yet how he just wanted it

the old-fashioned

cliche way

to have love be as

quaint and minimal

as it ought to be;

And then

he finally chose the words

he’d never regret with.

Love, Poetry


He recalled

the last time they went

sky gazing

night watching

stars picking

seeking solace in still obscurity;

He recalled

how their fingers

just entwined solid

how her head

propped on his back

how their gaze

riveted aloft yet not quite;

He recalled

how that one night

was spent under the lone tree

and vast ever reaching hills;

He recalled

feeling the purest form of emotions

on that night of oblivion

amidst the colossal endless sky

and how the stale breeze

spoke more than their words can fill;

He recalled

how their hearts became tangled on

the stars they picked so delicately

and named so significantly through;

He recalled

how he was ever so thankful

to the stars

for making that one night

fifty years ago

the start of his

dream come true.