Lovers in another time

This will be a series of short stories based on the fictional backstory of Edith and Ellard. I will continue to add more stories into this series! I have the whole plot in my head already, but writing a novel is a whole different thing… So I guess I’ll just stick to short stories to reveal bits and pieces about this story.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Lovers in another time, Short stories

Lovers in another time II: An Unexpected Encounter

(This is a short story sequel to another one of my short stories: Lovers in another time. I have this whole backstory in mind about how to progress with this plot of Edith and Ellard, therefore I’ll probably be writing a few short stories about this story. Hope you fiction lovers out there will enjoy it! 🙂 )

He averted his gaze, straightened his back and fiddled with the handle of his mug.

“Ouch! Shi-” He mumbled, then quickly rubbed his sore thumb against his earlobes.

He was trying to act ‘normal’, to avoid things from getting more awkward than it already can, yet this happened.

“Idiot!” He cursed inside.

He looked up – absentmindedly – and his eyes stared straight into hers.

He could sense sadness in her eyes, or maybe more than that- anguish, longing, anything associated with sadness bared in her eyes. Her gaze seemingly able to tell a million words, it was like she was speaking to him through her eyes. Her brows were softened, making her ocular even more melancholy than they already were. She had olive eyes, yet they were a really light shade of green-blue, they could almost pose off as grey – at first glance, one might mistake them for grey. But he could see the tinges of green in there, after all, she had been focused on him and nothing else for the past 15 minutes.

He was trying hard to avoid her scrutiny, her eyes were so riveted on him that it was getting more than just uncomfortable. He wanted to just get up and leave, but something was pulling him to stay.

Something about her, there was something about her that intrigued him.

She gave off a sense of familiarity, some sort of warmth and fervency rippled throughout him. But he was sure he didn’t know her.

An ex-crush? Or an ex- fling?

No, it couldn’t be. He couldn’t be that senile not to know who he was infatuated with before, neither did he got so drunk before as to not know who he laid with.

He clasped his fingers together abruptly.

“Alright, Elliot, you just grow some balls and approach her, maybe we have met somewhere before.” He picked up the mug and gulp down the remaining coffee, before unintentionally banging it down on the table – anxiety or apprehension, he couldn’t tell.

“Hey, I realised that you’ve been looking at me for quite some time. Do we know each other? Or is there something on my face?” He was trying to hide that jitters underneath that composed suaveness.

For a second, he saw her slightly taken aback, her eyes widened before anguish returned into them.

“Shit was I too straightforward?”   

“I’m Elliot by the way, how about you?” He extended his arm, trying to dissolve the awkwardness that was escalating too far- he could imagine himself just turning around and running out of the door.

“Hi, I am Edith. Nice to meet you, Ellar-” She bit her lip.

“Elliot, I mean.” She took his hand and gave a warm soft smile – he didn’t imagine someone that looked so sad could give off such a beautiful smile.

Her palms were cold, and soft and it was somewhat lightening to the tension between them when he took her palm.

“Edith? That name sounds really familiar.” He pondered.

Unconsciously, he squeezed her palm a little, and his fingers caressed hers.

She returned with a short squeeze before letting go.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just uh-” He grew red, and rubbed his head – he was all over the place.

Her red, neither thick nor thin – just about right- lips curved up, giving way to the dimples that illuminated her smile even further.

She was a beautiful, comely lady, and exuded much grace and charm – maybe it was the way she talked and sat. He was rather captivated by her, despite all the gawkiness. And it wasn’t just her good looks that caught his eye, it was something in her – fervour, yearning, comfort, he felt so much when he touched her.

He felt like he had known her for ages.

She felt familiar, not only by feelings but her face as well.

Her olive eyes, he had seen them somewhere before.

“Do you want to go for a walk? Hyde Park is just around the corner,” he extended his arm, hoping she would take it – he felt rather silly with that, acting all knightly and gentlemanly all of a sudden.

She nodded, and unexpectantly took his arm and got up.

“Thank you, Elliot.” She voiced gently.

He was pleased, he saw the anguish in her eyes diluting. He was glad that he could take away that agony from such a beautiful soul, her eyes were even more mesmerising now without that dolour.

She pulled her hair tie, and a flood of dark red locks flowed on her shoulders.

He gaped.

It all came to him now.


She turned, and the mess of cardinal locks flung backwards.

She was from his dreams.

She was his lover who died in his dreams.

She was Edith, the Edith, that he swore to love forever.

But why was she here, in London, when that dream seemed to transpire centuries ago?

And Edelyn?

Wasn’t Edelyn supposed to be his reincarnated lover?

“Ellard, what is the matter?” She touched his forearm.


Love, Lovers in another time, Short stories

Lovers in another time I: An Introduction


A mess of cardinal, fierce locks flung backwards.

He found himself staring into a pair of olive eyes, strong yet gentle.

“What lovely eyes,” he thought.

“Is there something on my face, my dear Ellard?” she chuckled.

“None that would blemish that dainty face, my lady.” he smirked, before pulling her in from the waist and spinning her around in his arms.

“However, enough of these pleasantries… Edith, this war, it is different. All the battles that we had in the past, they are bagatelles compared to this one. We may lose this war, even if I know your father says otherwise. His sharp disdain for the ones across the border obscures him from wisely discerning their true strength, and thus the number of men we would need. So, I shall ask of you, to be prudent in battle. To stay alive.” He sighed.

Her fingers gently caressed his jaw, and her lips touched with the knight’s. A sombre kiss it was, yet it enough to appease the unease in him.

“Promise me, promise me, Edith.”

“I promise you, my love,” a mellow smile crossed her face, “I promise.”

It was darkness, total darkness. He was staring into nothingness.

“Edith!” a voice shrilled from behind.

He spun back in an instant, the landscape was different now- smoke fogged the grassland, clattering of metal rang in the air, piles of body patched on the field- the place smelt of death.

A lone soldier, about half a dozen steps behind the lady, had raised his sword and was spurting- like an anguished beast towards his captors- so quickly. In a flash, he was right behind her- sword in mid-air, ready to dash it upon her.

The knight ran, towards, and he knew he could not reach them in time; he pulled back his sword and hurled it towards the trailing soldier.

The soldier plopped down onto the crimson coloured field.

“I did it, I saved- “

The beautiful princess fell, her fingers still clasped tightly onto her sword. He ran towards her- his legs weak -and drop onto his knees, to her side, one arm hung around her back, and the other laid on her belly. He felt a warm, viscous substance brushed against one of his arms.

“Blood. No, it cannot be.” his heart sank.

“Edith… stay with me. I will bring you back to the tents, and the doctors will treat you, they- ”

“No… Ellard, I would not make it- “, she writhed in agony, “promise me you will survive this battle, stay alive, and… I love you, Ellard.”

Her once rosy cheeks were paling; her eyes were losing their intentness- she was losing the war inside her.

“No! Please, Edith, please. I cannot live without you.”

A cold stream of tears flushed down his cheeks. He pushed his other arm towards her back, readying to pull her up into his arms, but she tugged. She pulled his sleeve and shook her head- with much struggle.

He could sense it, she was dying. Her face was sapped of colour, and her eyes were cold, yet a faint smile still rests across her. Her smile was sad, yet in a way it comforted him. He pressed his lips onto her cold, quivering lips.

 It was a stinging kiss, it was a farewell kiss.

He gazed into her olive eyes, they were still the same when he first saw them and fell in love with them- nothing changed, nothing of his love for her had changed since the first day his eyes set upon hers.

“I love you too, Edith.” His voice trembled- a tear plummeted onto her cheek.

His eyes did not leave hers, and neither did hers. And when she did- his soul gapped. He howled, cradling her lifeless body against his chest. He roared in grief and torment- he cursed the Gods above- how… how could they take away the love of his life.

An arrow was piercing through the air, towards him in projectile motion- there would be enough time for him to fend off the bolt.

A subtle grin laid upon his face, and he closed his eyes- with no fear or tarry for this ached land.

He felt a penetrating pain in his left chest, a hot tingling sensation seared through him. Quavering, yet his arms still wrapped tightly around his love. The painful twinge in his chest started to escalate- he was not sure where the pain stemmed from, the wound or of his loss.

“You, Edith, are the love of my life,” his fingers curled onto her cold cheeks, “I love you with all my heart in this short fateful being, and I shall love you in the next, and the next-”

“And in all my lives,” he whispered.

The numbness was growing on him. His eyelids felt heavy, he wanted to shut them, soon, just for a moment.


He felt his body being jerked.

“Baby, you okay?” a dulcet tone ringed in his ear.

A ginger haired was staring at him up tightly with her emerald eyes.


“Who’s Edith? I’m Edelyn, you sillyhead!” her eyes grew more intent.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry baby, just had a dream,” he murmured, rubbing his eyes- he felt his face drenched, with tears.

“The same old one?”

He nodded.

Oddly, the agony he felt from the dream was still lingering in him. The grievous ache was crawling amidst his entirety.

His gaze turned towards her. She looked somewhat like her from the dreams- just with lighter hair and darker eyes. He enveloped her in his arms and was relieved he could sense her warmth and gradual heartbeat.

“I love you so much, Edelyn,” his voice shaking.

Maybe, just maybe, the girl from his dreams was his love in another time, from another life. A time long forgot by the masses, yet not for him- for a love so strong binds him to it, and maybe for eternity.

Maybe, that girl from his dreams now laid right beside him, in his arms.

Maybe, their love touched the heavens above, and thus reunited them, the pair of tragic lovers.

Maybe, he will get to love her in all his lives.

Maybe, she was his lover in another time.