Love, Poetry

Her Ring

Wrapped around her svelte finger

the fourth finger to be exact

his fingertips still prancing

between her knuckles

and the silver shined circlet

I love it

she whispered with reassurance;

She really did

it hugged her finger so nicely

silvery with a coral pink gem

perched on it

the intricacies of the pink rock

resonated with her the most

manifesting how beautifully complex

relationships can be

how bliss and weariness

can exist on the same page

how love can be

entangled with almost every

binary of emotions that exist out there

and nevertheless still be as stunning;

Caressing her fingers

gaze set on the silver painted

cotton band with

a nib of pink stone

he murmured

I’ll get you one

with a diamond stone

on platinum one day

I promise;

Embracing him whilst

his fingers still on hers

she affirmed

Even then

will I still have

this ring on

I promise.

Love, Poetry

Part Of


She loved


of all seasons

dewy, mildly prickly

with the rustling of

red green yellow ones

soothing her mind

like how the breeze does to her skin;

She loved


no matter what shape and sizes

they come in

their pillar of brown just gives her

as much majestic feeling as it does

with serenity

two things which she never imagined

could coexist;

She loved

the sea

of how crushing waves and gentle tides

seem to hum a song

that never fails

to stir her feelings

of how the smell of the seas seemingly

gives her a breath of new beginnings;

Nature was in her

She was part of her;

and somehow

she loved


as if he was part of all

the trees, leaves and seas

that she was so

passionately intrigued with;

She loved him

as if

he was a part of nature

that was bestowed on her.

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Love, Poetry

The Astronaut


It all laid right upon him

dappled blanket smothering

right over him

with just a lone streak of

pink and green or

was it violet and turquoise green;

I would fly

nearer to the stars 

to the nebulas

and even Andromeda 

if I could

if only I could;

The distance never felt any closer

with the steps he took

years he shed

and dozens of oxygen tanks he had;

The streak of hues always seemed

a galaxy or two afar

yet his heart never once

pumped futile or despondent;

Pushing another step forth

his irises fading into the violet lambency

the only streak of tint the astronaut could see;

and coincidentally

it was the last colour

she told him.

Photo by Thom Schneider on Unsplash

Love, Poetry

Loved Once


She once loved so great

till the bits of her tangled onto

the skin of whom she loved;

the shade of the day hinged on

 the smile that he gave;

the presence of her laughter would

give way to his forlorn face;

the dimples on his cheek

gave her merriment even in her sombre days;

A mere sight of him gave her

frenzied bits of chills till the depths of her pith;

She once loved so great

till her heart beats in synchrony

with the one she kissed;

exchanging their heartfelt words

not only on birthdays but on

every free day they could get;

lending him her shoulder when a lull company

could give more than any speech could have;

choosing to hold her tongue

when the heat in her seethed so immense

only speaking

once the storm in their heads receded;

their time spent as one never gave her

anxiety or wild palpitations

yet somehow always felt

calming and easing

to her marrow

to her soul;

That is when she knew

she had only ever

loved once

and not more.

Photo by Eric Alves on Unsplash

Love, Poetry


A hanging thread

swayed between

the two absolutes

of beginning and ending;

While reeling back into the point of entry

in that speck of near collision

with no hesitation or demurral

the strand lurches back in converse

propelling towards the other end

that is the finishing position;

Yet as soon as it nears completion

it was as if

suction hit at the last moment –

lugging the feeble thread back towards its initial;

And it never got out of this pendulous rhythm

never did

and never will;

Until when both hearts turn

resolute and steadfast

unyielding towards the

pendulum of the strings

that wield their hearts

only then

will this thread finally hang still.

Love, Poetry


Fleeting seconds

short-lived moments

that one millisecond

span of your laughter and mine

while kissing

will be lost forever in history;

We will probably never

be able to recall that laughter

or find back that specific gush

no matter how much it felt like surreality;

Time is galloping

moments are ephemeral

and all things eventually

evanesce into simply nothing;

Yet you and I

are not transient

like all the other entireties are to be

that I promise;

So even if our

phenomenal jiffs

fades into naught

don’t worry

because you and I

will always continue building

bits and pieces of Eden

as long as we remain timeless

and never transitory.

Love, Poetry


His fingers

stroking against

the creases of parchment

folded blunt ends twitching

along with the drift of whispering winds;

Lacking in the resolute of unfolding

the sepia colored sheet

not sure if it were

the words he knew

or those that he didn’t

that gave him the chills to begin with;

Clasping the piece for

what felt like an eternity

and when he finally did unfurl it

her warm resonating tone

rang along with the strings of ink;

Swirls of anguish and longing battered him

but none more than relief

as he read the ending notes saying;

Love touched me

taught me 

embraced me

kissed my soul

love was you

love is you

from the very beginning;

As a drop spilled onto the musty letter

the shackles shatter

the murky clouds receded

along with the mist that shrouded;

For once

he was no longer bounded

to a letter

or to she.