Love, Poetry

Without a doubt

There it stood

a mountain higher than clouds

a valley deeper than any abyss

a rift larger than all nature’s doing

all they stood

impeding us from touch

withal our hearts already weld;

they said I will never reach you

in this lifetime of mine;

so I promised

I’ll find you again

in my after;

Even without your

violet eyes

or your familiar touch

my heart will

always recognize yours

without a doubt.

Love, Poetry


When none gives

when all flee

at the sight of we

of the myriad of elements

copious universes

boundless realities

yet it be we are in this;

forbidden pair

shunned by Aphrodite

banished of blessings;

of everything that forbids

you and me

howbeit nothing could ever

stop our hearts from beating.

Love, Poetry


He stops short



between the words he should speak

for a severe dilemma

stood in mid

of his heart and logic;

If baring his whole

would make him

either foolish or naive

for they once said

to be cold

to play hard

to pursue love

with the modern day

rules of lust;

Yet how he just wanted it

the old-fashioned

cliche way

to have love be as

quaint and minimal

as it ought to be;

And then

he finally chose the words

he’d never regret with.

Love, Poetry


He recalled

the last time they went

sky gazing

night watching

stars picking

seeking solace in still obscurity;

He recalled

how their fingers

just entwined solid

how her head

propped on his back

how their gaze

riveted aloft yet not really;

He recalled

how that one night

was spent under the lone tree

and vast ever reaching hills;

He recalled

feeling the purest form of emotions

on that night of oblivion

amidst the colossal endless sky

and how the stale breeze

spoke more than their words can fill;

He recalled

how their hearts became tangled on

the stars they picked so delicately

and named so significantly through;

He recalled

how he was ever so thankful

to the stars

for making that one night

fifty years ago

the start of his

dream come true.

Love, Poetry


If there was

an afterlife

a beforelife

or millions of past before this one;

I am ever sure

we were lovers

and soulmates

for each and every one

for how can a love

flare so abyssal and wild

while so tame and familiar

all at once;

How is it possible for I

to just look into

your deep amber eyes

and know that

I will hold you

till the end of time

till beyond this life

and for all of my remaining lives.