Love, Poetry


If there was

an afterlife

a beforelife

or millions of past before this one;

I am ever sure

we were lovers

and soulmates

for each and every life

for how can a love

flare so abyssal and wild

while so tame and familiar

all at once;

How is it possible for I

to just look into

your deep amber eyes

and know that

I will hold you

till the end of time

till beyond this life

and for all of my remaining lives.



Their Stories


The salesman slumps in a corner

sluggish indolent creature

you intuit;

The beggar clothed in filth and rips

before him sits a hat with barely any shillings

probably someone

who doesn’t even try in the beginning;

An angry husband

simmering so heatedly at

his downtrodden wife

you think this may be

an abusive relationship;

But wait

you just haven’t heard of their stories;

The salesman just had

an extremely long night with three hours of sleep

struggling two or three jobs

to feed his newborn twin babies;

The beggar you just strutted past

without sparing any change

was an orphan

in and out of foster homes so ruinous

running away seems like

it would be a better life to seek;

The raving husband

you just prejudiced against

was actually a loving spouse

since they met at twenty

till three decades later when

he found out she was cheating;

Yet how can we

ever know of these stories

when our eyes can only

see so much primitively;

Widen your mind

watch with your heart

and never assume

more than how much

your eyes can do

then maybe one day

you will be able

to see their stories too.

Photo by Louis Lo on Unsplash




Hold your tongue

shush your lips

halt the beads of acid

that’s coming caustic;

Don’t say it’s a joke

for nothing is worth laughing to

when it’s demeaning;

Don’t vindicate it with

it’s a habit or it’s just me

for that is just an excuse

for a choice to be nasty;

Words can hoist

Words can liven

Words can heal

although words can burn

through tissue too;

So why speak of malice

when you can in clemency

why proliferate acid

when you can instead

illuminate sunshine too.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash



Never hope

for more

nor equivalence

for those whom you treat

with a great amount of

of goodness and grace;

Never wish

for them to do the same

to reciprocate the act of embrace;

Never wait

for their tears of gratitude

affable smiles

or fervent appreciation

not even an ounce

of saying how much you aided;

For goodness

is inbred

yet nourished by few

for giving doesn’t

spell receiving at the end;


never stop

the thought of giving

for the branches of good does indeed

strives with every touch you give

and possibly every matter your heart kissed

in dream that one day it will envelop all beings;

So promise me

to never lose

the will of goodness

for the one who will eventually

thank you in all sincerity

is you per se.

Photo by Naletu from Unsplash.

Dreams, Poetry

Peculiar Beauty

Hush child

don’t let their words hit

let none those benight of creativity

strip off your ingenuity

for the finesse of artistry

doesn’t come by easy;

It isn’t meant for the ordinary

nor the mainstream

so let none of those

distance you from the brilliance

the rich

the vivid

the unusual strings imbuing

your psyche;

Art is for those

whose minds run free

whose thoughts live out of boundaries

whose perceptions do not have lines in between;

So my darling

do let nobody

rein in this peculiar beauty;

For the world will

writhe and grieve

if we were to ever

 lose a mind

as novel and surreal

as yours is.

Love, Poetry


alberto-barrera-29761 (1)

Gaze upon the pair of cutleries

set so deep and fastened

they could almost send a telekinetic stream

before she abruptly

broke the silence in between;

But how can we ever 

be sure that the person 

standing before us

will always be the one

we want-

with an abrupt shift

as the questions came flooding in

too quickly-

what if we find someone

better along the way

someone that is a 

better fit for us;

Her intent gaze shifts

towards her sister

her pupils widen

eyes asking more questions

than her lips could bring;

Brushing back her raven locks

while taking a moment to ponder

her words came

as intuitively as they were pieced;

You’ll never know little sister

you can never

ever be sure

there will always be a possibility

that someone out there

can be a better fit for you

than the one you think currently is

so you will just have to

find it in your heart

to believe

to commit

to lock in

he or she;

You will just have to imprint

a tacit seal on your heart

for the one you promised

to spend eternity with.

Photo by Alberto Barrera on Unsplash