Love, Poetry

A Chance on Us

Waves crashing

currents gushing from opposites

winds hostile howlings

storms fatal roarings;

This is what

the path of our love

will be;

It won’t be easy

it will be rough




but easy;

It’s like

the skies bestow us

as one

but the earth

tries to

shake us apart;

But I know

we can plough through

raging seas

hike up treacherous cliffs

and one day

finally reach

the utopia of our dreams

as long as we’re in this


Just take my hand

and don’t cave in;

Because I’ll never

give up on our stormy

perilous love

for any other thing

that seems easier

to live with;

I’ll rather take

a chance on you

and me

than go safe

and regret it

for the rest

of my being.



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