Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


(For the children who deserve better)


are a gift;

The pillars

of the world-

now and after;


little bits of


and kindness

to the vileness we live in;


are the strength

of the future

and the statement of the present;

So when

there are children

out working

and not playing;


and not schooling;


but can’t be fed;

and bleeding

for political means;

Then maybe

we ought to take

a proper look

at what wrong we are doing;

for why are we

tragically crushing

the pillars of tomorrow

 with our own

bare hands.

Note: The inspiration for this poem came from reading a few news article about the situation of kids in Syria, it really saddens me to know that many children are in such a dire and perilous state. This isn’t what any child(or anyone) from anywhere should suffer from and they deserve to be given the chance to explore the goodness that the world can offer them instead. I’m not too sure what more I can do to help them, but through my poem, I hope I can bring awareness to more readers out there, who can offer these children their prayers, donations or anything that helps. Hopefully one day, humanity can be more than this.


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