Love, Short stories

Regent of the Night

The round, aerial belle of the sky shone it graces upon the vast fields that stretched across the hills and forests.

 She was at her pinnacle, the brightest and roundest.

The night too was at its zenith – the entire landscape resembled an ethereal Eden.

But it wasn’t the one that stole his focus that night.

His view cast upon a svelte figure at the peak of the hill.

She wasn’t very tall but stood lofty amongst the barren hilltop, against the iridescence of the moonlight.

She swayed gently, her arms synchronous with the slight movements of her feet. Her eyes were closed, as if she was moving to the rhythm within her – or to the silent hummings the night whispered in her ear.

She was clothed in a long, cream dress that hugged loosely over her frame – looking as pure and alluring as the night sky. She was still dancing slowly to the natural rhythm, but a slight grin now laid on her composed face; her eyes still fastened.

His eyes moved with every motion she made, with every sway she took his heart thumped a little harder.

The shade of moonlight shone on her, illuminating her even further amidst the bare field. It was as if she was one with the celestial night, and the centrepiece of it.

She opened her eyes – the captivating openings that could speak a thousand words to him.

It was sorrow; it was forlornness; it was longing.

He could sense every tinge of emotions that radiated from her gaze.

A tear fell onto his cheek, as his eyes took abode in hers.

She stopped – her smile widening, seemingly to give him assurance.

Her eyes softened, glimmering.

Then, she vanished into thin air.

His heart sank as he choked the screams of her name.

He pulled out an arm, reaching towards the one that settled among the clusters of stars. He closed his sodden eyes, swaying to the music buzzing in his ears.

The music of the night – the music from the moon.

He knew he couldn’t see her again – until the moon illuminates at her brightest and the night was once again surreal.

Remember me as she who danced under the brightest light of the night, always.

Those were her last words to him.

The last words of the one who became the regent of the night.


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