The Original Collection

The moment

The universe laid still in that moment.

It seemed to be on hold, solely for us.

You were there with me, laying in my arms. I held your waist tightly, your silky soft arms hung around my neck.

I glanced down at your ocean blue eyes, they were shimmering. I knew you were living in this moment with me, the moment we’ve been waiting for so long. The years we spent apart from each other; the agony always comes rushing back whenever I think of how much time I’ve wasted not being in your arms.

Everything felt complete, for once.

I tightened my grip on you.

“I will never let you go again.”

There was nothing in the world that I would trade for this moment, even this brief. With this serenity and feeling of eternal bliss with you.

You entwined your fingers with mine and gave a gentle squeeze, the corners of your lips slightly upturned.

“I will never let you.”

The universe never seem to recommence again; at least it was how it felt for them. 


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