Short stories, The Original Collection

A bizarre piece of perfection

Everything felt misaligned.

Those that were supposed to be in complete coordination and complement felt at odds with one another.

The baby blue sky fluttered on with streaks of golden zaps.

The nonchalant lover was making breakfast.

There was no meeting appointments to be made.

The pizza boy arrived on time.

There was no downtown traffic this morning.

On nature’s spur of the moment, logic didn’t exist so much.

But nothing felt wrong. It felt wonderful. It was wonderful.

The old lovers incidentally met at the cafe.

The cafe both knew the other never liked(and so they came).

Their gaze met.

Fights. Tears. Pain. Sorrow. Late nights. Cuddles. Long hugs. Warm kisses. Flirty banter. Promises of their future.

Memories, they all came back at once.

                                   The corner of her eye moisten. Her features softened.                                       She lowered her head and turn around, reaching for the knob.

                    He without hesitation, sweep her cold body into his arms. Her head buried in his chest. He felt her tears soaking up his top.

He further clenched his arms.

“I’m sorry.”

 He never says sorry.

The world was in a misalignment, but it felt perfect for some.


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