Her legs crossed. Her head tilted sideways on the window still.

Her gaze wandered out on the patch of empty grassland laid ahead.

A flock of brown-tailed birds caught her eye. They were rummaging through the bits of scraps that she couldn’t see from her window. Picking and pecking, they seemed to lost one important instinct of theirs for a moment. A tabby cat who had been approaching them with immense caution suddenly hissed and pounced onto the flock. With a loud screech and an almost immediate flap, the birds soar above, leaving the cat hovering her claws in mid-air.

They flapped towards the horizon, heading somewhere, anywhere. They didn’t had to give a care about how to or where to. They just had to fly wherever till their wings couldn’t hold. They were free to go wherever they want, to any unknowns or paradise out there.

How she long she could leave her humble town and roam places.

How she wish to be able to take off without any hesitation.

How she wish she could take away all the fear, doubt, practicality, and everything else that was holding her back.

How she wish she could just fly free. 


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