Love, Poetry


There are nights

quiet evenings

when crickets stop creaking

and birds stop chirping

when my silly heart screams your name

there goes scenes of you leaving

countless times on repeat;

no matter of silence or chuckles

those moments

etched deep within;

Oh, silly heart

why do you dwell endlessly

lock in a state of perpetual agony.

Love, Poetry

Black ink

Phrases, passages soaked in black ink

scrawled on endless white sheets

crumpled and crumbled

on the dim-lit balcony;

tragic endings

oath of eternity

poison laden parting kiss

decades-long of agonizing parting

sword of sacrifice pierced through him, eyes soaked in grief and relief;

when mere black ink can compose

such rich, many-hued

picturesque love stories;

it’s when she knew

no love in her reality

can ever be worthy.

Love, Poetry

Daggers of the past


your presence

the shape of you

whilst fogged amidst dark clouds

remembrance of the distant

daggers of persistence

longing, nostalgia or enmity

of which even I’m uncertain;

for love and hate,

only a mere thread away;

when reality finally sank

days of today set in

finding the only thing left

in embrace was your tight grasp

barely living

slowly withering from neglect;

How silly of me

how could these old obsolete scars

ever compare to you,

the one alive and breathing.

Love, Poetry


On dreary nights like this

I wonder

if it was my doing

for your departure

was it my slow replies

my mixed signals

the words I speak without going through the mind;

Or was it all just a dream

we never had a thing

all only ever supplied by wishful thinking;

On dreary nights like this

I wonder

which is the lesser

the milder pain

the slighter guilt

yet it all just feels the same.

Poetry, Positivity / Motivational


Flocking faces

gazes longing

at bits and pieces

of the past and future

for the present is none too pleasant;

A roof over their bed

A bowl of sumptuous fare

A warm hand of kinship always there

A choice to go anywhere

A plethora of dreams she’s allowed to have;

So what more can the present bear

when all simple pleasures are in their hands;

If only their gazes were to hold

right here in the present,

they shall never flicker back

for the hereafter or the distant.